Stormwater Management Plans

GMV Engineering provides specialized water resources related services for various land development projects. The services include hydrology studies, assessment of drainage, irrigation and flood control systems, development of stormwater management concepts and supporting the detailed design and implementation of the systems by development engineers.


origin and nest in UniverCity at SFU, Burnaby, BC

Nest Drainage LandscapeThe origin and nest are residential condominium developments on Parcel 27 and 28 of UniverCity, a sustainable community on the top of Burnaby Mountain. These two projects commenced shortly after the update of the UniverCity Stormwater Management Plan by GMV Engineering, implementing the design criteria recommended by the plan. Site specific stormwater management plans were developed in collaboration with the site engineer (HLE) and the landscape architect. The stormwater management features included absorbent landscaping, infiltration galleries and underground detention tanks. The result was attractively landscaped environment with stormwater management benefits contributing to the success of the UniverCity stormwater management system.







Heritage Woods, Port Moody, BC


The Heritage Wood development by Parklane Homes is located in the northeast corner of the City of Port Moody and it is the uppermost development of Heritage Mountains. Natural drainage of the site is to Noons Creek and its tributaries. The impact of the project on the hydrology of the receiving creeks had been a concern throughout the planning phase of the project. In association with Hunter Laird Engineering Ltd. (HLE), GMV Engineering (GMV) developed a stormwater management concept that promotes rain water infiltration into the ground on site, directs surface and groundwater into the upper segment of the creeks. The performance objective of the concept is enhancing year round water supply and supporting aquatic habitat in the streams. The stormwater management concept earned the support of environmental groups for the project.










Adera Breeze Development, Surrey, BC

The Adera Breeze Development is located in the City of Surrey, within Sunnyside Heights Neighborhood Concept Plan (NCP). A part of the project (Parcels B and C) is located on the Fergus Creek watershed. Based on the Fergus Creek Integrated Watershed Management Plan (ISMP), the NCP provided very specific criteria for infiltration area and stormwater detention storage volume on site, and for the release rate of stormwater runoff from the site.

GMV Engineering developed a hydrologic and hydraulic model (XPSWMM) to assess drainage system performance and assist HLE in the development of a stormwater management concept, incorporating various Low Impact Development (LID) techniques, and in the design of the stormwater management system that satisfies the performance criteria described by the NCP.


South 60 Development, Surrey, BC

Exh.4-S60-Pr-Drainage_SystemThe South 60 Development is located in the City of Surrey, within the South Newton NCP. The project site is part of the Archibald Creek sub-basin of the Hyland Creek watershed. The performance objective of the stormwater management system was to ensure that post development peak flow rates in the streams downstream of the project will remain at or below pre-development levels. The management concept developed for the project included a variety of LID techniques, such as absorbent landscaping, infiltration trenches, and directing runoff from impervious areas onto landscaped areas prior to discharging into storm drains. HLE designed the drainage system and the performance of the system was demonstrated by using an XPSWMM model by GMV.


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